What We Do

we create is a motion graphic design and post production studio located in the heart of MediaCityUK Salford.
Our team of talented artists are equipped with the latest high end creative tools and always deliver outstanding results whatever your project requirements.
From concept through to completion we provide all your creative post services in our relaxed and friendly facility.

We Collaborate

We love to work together with our clients, whether it's from the beginning of an idea or further down the line, we offer creative solutions and workflows that make a big difference. Working together we can always produce the best creative work out of the time and budget.

We Share

Our extensive experience in post production ensures you get brilliant results every time. Our creative team is second to none and we utilise leading edge technology to ensure fantastic results. Get in touch to find out more.

We Understand

Our clients world is really important to us and we go to great lengths to understand how we can deliver compelling and effective results for you. Whether your world is advertising, television, film or corporate we've got it covered.

How We Do It

Graphic Design & VFX Workflow Grading
Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Our team of graphic artists have a wealth of experience in motion graphic design. We can take your ideas and turn them into powerful, emotive messages that deliver effective results.
Whether you have just an idea, or a more developed creative vision, we are always happy to get involved at any stage. We can manage as much or as little of the project as you require.
Our strengths lie in our creative team and we use powerful and innovative tools like Maya 3D, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Nuke and Smoke to achieve breath taking results for broadcast, commercials, film and corporate clients.


We also excel in the things you won't see on screen, such as elements that need removing or adding into scenes, product replacement or enhancement of existing shots. Whatever the project demands, we have the experience and expertise to realise your projects needs.


We have plenty of fast storage coupled with an even faster network and processing to make any project fly. Our workflow experience is second to none, and stretches across feature films, documentaries, commercials, digital and corporate. We believe that every project can benefit from a planned approach and best use of technology to deliver high quality assets on time and budget. And if there is something we can't handle ourselves our friends at Dock10 are on hand with an amazing array of resources.


We use the latest version of Da Vinci Resolve working at up to 4K resolution.
Our grading artists are talented, fast and highly experienced in broadcast, drama, film and commercials work.
With 4K monitoring and a comfy settee it's the perfect place to finish your project.

Linux Smoke HD Editing Delivery
Linux Smoke HD
Linux Smoke HD

Our Smoke is the best way to finish bar none.
With its powerful set of graphics, compositing, editing and audio tools, it's ideal for any project.
Our talented team of Smoke artists deliver fantastic results, on time; always matching our clients expectations. For fast turnaround, client attend work nothing beats Smoke.


We have the latest Avid Media Composer with HD monitoring and can handle all the post workflows associated with the latest file based acquisition and delivery requirements, whether that's RED, Alexa or any other flavour of camera footage.
Our team of editors have masses of experience working in broadcast, film and commercials. They can craft your project from raw rushes through to stunning completion. Our network connected suites allow fast and easy flow of your projects through to our grading and finishing rooms.


We have over 60 combined years of experience in post production.
We can advise you on the best way to get your assets to market; whether that's digital delivery to TV station, broadcaster or internationally. With the new standards for digital delivery it's an even more important part of the workflow than ever before. Let us take care of all your deliverables.

Our Work

Chessington TV Ad Match of the Day at 50 BBC1 Sports Pursuit TV Ad

Chessington World Of Adventure Ad | Agency: TBWA

TBWA asked us to adapt an existing ad and create the world of Glamping to reflect the brand new attraction being unveiled at Chessington World of Adventure. We created and animated an assortment of animals;  giraffes, parrots, zebras and butterflies and these elements were then composited along with other layers and parallaxed to add extra depth. All post took place here at MediaCityUK Towers.

Match of the Day at 50 BBC1

Match Of the Day at 50 | BBC1

It was a pleasure to help out our friends at Dock10 with some final grading and tweaking for BBC 1 Match of The Day at 50 documentary. With a heavy mix of interviews and archive footage there was certainly lots to do to get everything bedded in and peachy. Needless to say it all looked gorgeous on TX.

Sports Pursuit | Chief/Driven

We helped out our friends at Chief with this retail ad via Driven Agency. We graded from Red 4K rushes in Davinci Resolve, composited the phone screen graphics and added a sprinkling of effects in Smoke.

Gorilla Glue TV Ads Brother Scarefest TV Ad
Gorilla Glue TV Ads

Gorilla Glue | Beautiful Productions

This stuff really works! So of course we had to say yes when Ben and the team at Beautiful asked us to work on this TV campaign for Gorilla Glue. Grading, compositing, reformatting and some additional audio duties were the order of the day for a series of eight commercials.


Brother Mobile Cable label App | Brother Europe

Brother is the market leader in specialist handheld printing technology.

We were asked to create a digital marketing tool that would demonstrate the features and custom workflows of Brother’s handheld mobile labelling machines. So we built 3D models and environments to showcase the versatility and ease of use of their class leading printers and placed them in technically challenging environments.
The series of videos we produced formed part of Brother’s European marketing initiative.

Alton Towers Scarefest Ad | Agency: TBWA

We adapted an existing advert and added in new footage and graphics to refresh the Halloween offer from Alton Towers.

Alton Towers Fireworks Smyths Toys TV Ad Push Doctor TV Ad
Alton Towers Fireworks

Alton Towers Fireworks  | Agency: TBWA

TBWA were kind enough to ask us to make a brand new Fireworks ad for Alton Towers. The theme park fireworks show is an amazing spectacle to watch so the ad needed to reflect this. We like to think it’s a job well done!

Smyths Toys | Agency: TBWA

Retail Ad for Smyths Toys, incorporating 3D animation with audio posted in-house. Short and sweet with a dash of Val Doonican thrown in!

Push Doctor | Agency: We Are Brave

TV ad for ground breaking new digital health and wellbeing service Push Doctor. 
We posted this for Director/Producer James Statham and We Are Brave Agency.

Heide Park TV Ad Victorian Plumbing TV Ad Dr Beckmann Owl
Heide Park TV Ad

Heide Park | Agency: TBWA

We worked with TBWA to help launch the new Dreamworks ride “How to Train Your Dragon” at Germanys flagship theme park.

Victorian Plumbing TV Ad

Victorian Plumbing TV Ad

We made some nice retail ads for Victorian Plumbing, with snazzy graphics, compositing  and audio work. Lovely is what the client thought!

Dr Beckmann Owl

Dr Beckmann CDC | Agency: Foundry Comms

Picture were graded in Resolve and all packshots were created in 3D and composited  to adapt the ad for UK. Audio dubbing took place here at MediaCityUK Towers.

Alton Towers Ad Cussons Idents DR Beckmann 30 Sec AD

Alton Towers Ad | Agency: TBWA

BDH asked us to help them with the new CBeebies commercial for Alton Towers.
We created parallax animation of the Teletubby characters and transitions, then re-edited the ad for the new campaign.
It was a steep learning curve but we all know the Teletubbies characters names off by heart now.

Cussons Idents | Nick Junior | Agency: TBWA

A series of 5 x Idents for Nick Junior Channel. We created the spots from a combination of live action and 3D models.
3D elements were built, matched, lit and animated in 3D Maya.
Final grading and polishing was done in Smoke.
We recorded location sound for the mum and kids voiceovers and our good friends at Timeline mixed the final sound.
Big thanks to all at TBWA especially Becs and Adam.

Dr Beckmann Ad | Agency: Foundry Comms

Director: Jevon O’Neill

The ad was created using a combination of green screen live action and 3D elements to produce the final composites of the invisible girl.
After a long day on set and plenty of tracking markers later, the shots were ready for our post team.
3D dresses and sleeves were modelled in Maya, lit and then composited with live action in Smoke.
An additional science section was created in 3D to tie in with the new product launch. We are very chuffed that the ad won the coveted SIA Summit Award.

Netbet Gaming Ad Housing Units Love In The Post - 4k Feature Film

NetBet Gaming Ad | Agency: Gimo

The brief was to create a sumptuous 3D world of gaming that reflected the NetBet brand values and offer. The client was so pleased with the campaign they ordered a new one for another of their gaming brands.
This is our third outing for Gimo and as always the deadlines were tight, but we pulled it off. The ad was created and posted in-house including 3D environments and sound design.
Plus our superfast pipeline got everything to station on time. Pheww!

Housing Units | Agency: We Are Brave

Director: James Statham

We teamed up with WAB and James Statham to handle post duties on the new Housing Units campaign.
We graded, polished and carried out some enhancing SFX work on the end frames.
We also helped with the audio mixing duties and mastering.
The campaign is currently airing with great success and looks set for a long run, alongside radio commercials that we also helped out on.

Love In The Post - 4k Feature Film

Love in the Post | 4K Feature Film | Client: Heraclitus Pictures

This was a great project to work on. We handled all the post production, including grading, VFX, green screen and multi format deliverables. The client wanted to post in 4k and it was a perfect way to test our team and gear. Everything went very smoothly and we hit the deadlines and client expectations.
There were literally hours of 4K raw RED footage to manage and conform. But it was all made possible with seamless performance from our Da Vinci Resolve and Smoke coupled with a fast and efficient workflow.


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